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A Guide to Our
Topical Remedies

This salve is designed to be applied anytime you plan to be active (exercise, jobs where you are on your feet, etc.) and/or use injured joints, muscles, or arthritic areas.  It contains the herbs in our Repair Salve, as well as herbs to stop bleeding and disinfect wounds. It also contains a small amount of our Arnica Tincture.  It will reduce pain and inflammation, help heal injured areas and will prevent further injury.

For use when congestion and inflammation from allergies or infection/cold/flu has affected breathing through the nose and lungs. Helps to reduce inflammation in the mucosa of the sinuses and lung and to loosen phlegm.  It is extremely helpful to follow the application by steaming yourself in a hot shower or by “tenting” yourself under a towel over a bowl of boiled water.  Inhale the steam deeply through your nose and mouth, adding more boiled water as needed until the sinuses finish draining and the lungs feel clear.

Arnica relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and heals up bruising. It doesn’t have restorative herbs or oils. It is a very strong, alcohol-based product designed for topical use only.  It penetrates deep into muscles and joints and can be used on its own, but is also great in addition to any of our salves which also contain nourishing herbs that heal tissues. 

This product warms tissues and increases circulation. It has herbs which heal infection and relieve pain. It works well when applied to arthritic joints, stiff muscles, or a clean, open wound. Best used in cold weather or when there is stiffness in muscles and joints. Helps prevent stiffness in the morning if you use it at night; helps mobilize tissues in the morning. 

This is an excellent topical remedy for acne when applied 2x/day after cleansing the skin with a gentle cleanser.  It also works well to stop nosebleeds, especially when the blood vessels are damaged and nosebleeds become chronic. Dip a cotton swab in the oil and gently rub on the inside of the nose. Gently pinch the nose for a minute or two until the bleeding stops.

This oil is our strongest product, designed for painful muscles and joints which prevent you from resting because of the intensity of your pain. Use only at bedtime (or before trying to rest), it will have a numbing effect so you can relax.

As the name suggests, this salve draws out debris and foreign objects from a wound and disinfects the area. It has also been traditionally used to shrink growths, warts, and skin tags.  Unlike other commercial salves of this nature, it is 100% plant-based.

This is a nourishing and soothing salve.  It calms and restores irritated and dry skin. This can be caused by overexposure to wind, sun, cold weather, harsh chemicals and drying detergents. It will repair cracked skin if applied and allowed to absorb fully. Maximize healing properties by wearing cotton socks or gloves after applying and leave them on for an hour or more.

This salve is most useful when nerve injuries cause sharp, burning pain due to injury or infection, or on scar tissue which pinches or puts continued pressure on a nerve. When applied to the nerve ending and the root of the nerve (where it leaves the spinal column), the salve interrupts the firing of the nerve, calming the pain. Nerve Pain Salve is especially helpful for nerve pain caused by compressed discs in the spine, or a bad hip, knee, or ankle. It also works extremely well for pain caused by infections which damage the nerve endings on the skin surface (herpes, chicken pox, shingles, etc). 

This product is useful when there is extreme congestion/inflammation and breathing is impaired.  The soothing botanicals, repair herbs, and aromatic essential oils in this salve can be used inside the nose and topically on the sinus bones. It will cause rapid drainage and reduce inflammation, opening up the nose and reducing pain. Use a cotton swab to apply inside the nose.  This salve is also healing to chronically hot, painful arthritic joints as it increases circulation and is cooling.

This salve is meant to calm burning and itching caused by insect stings/bites and exposure to poisonous plants without causing the skin to dry out and flake.  It is also mildly antibiotic and restorative to the tissues.  It successfully relieves itching and inflammation from hemorrhoids, eczema and other skin irritations.

This salve is designed to locally nourish tissues healing from wounds, arthritis, injuries or surgeries. You can apply it to open wounds or closed  injuries.  For a painful and/or swollen injury, chronic arthritic joints, or a post-surgical wound, you can also use our Injury Kit, which is designed to repair severely damaged tissues from the inside and the outside.


If a wound is open, clean it well with soap and water and debride it (make sure any debris is removed as best you can).  Apply the Cayenne Plus Oil  to disinfect and stop the bleeding.  Apply the salve.  Cover with a bandage and repeat 2-4x/day as needed to close and heal the wound.

A companion to our Active/Daytime Salve, this salve is best used anytime you plan to rest or sleep.  This salve contains herbs which soothe nerve pain which prevents restful sleep as well as herbs for infection, to stop bleeding and disinfect wounds. Apply to painful and/or injured muscles or arthritic areas. 

Helpful Additions to Our Products
Warm Therapy & Hot Packs

Warming balms and creams (Sombra Gel, Tiger Balm, etc.) or just a hot pack are useful in reducing aching pain and stiffness. They are especially helpful in the morning, when you are planning to rest during cold weather, or to warm up stiff arthritic areas before moving/working. Apply with oils, salves, or arnica when there is aching pain and the area is stiff or cold.

Cold Therapy & Ice Packs

Apply cold therapy gels/balms/creams  (Biofreeze Gel, Polar Lotion, Aspercreme, etc.), or just an ice pack with oils, salves, or arnica when there is swelling, heat radiating off the injury and/or acute, sharp pain.

Contrast Therapy

Areas of severe injury in the process of healing generally respond best to alternating cold and heat therapy (soaking in hot or ice water or applying hot or cold packs or gels/creams).  All of our products can be used with this healing technique. If you will be soaking the skin in hot or iced water, apply our products afterwards.



Our topical products are highly concentrated and intended to be used sparingly.  To prevent stains on clothes or sheets, cut back on the quantity used.  Apply and rub a small amount on the area until the product is completely absorbed before dressing or sleeping.

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