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Home Remedies for

Stress Management

Many of us get overwhelmed juggling the stress of work, school, parenting, and life in general. That’s why we formulated our Wild Lettuce Tincture. Wild Lettuce does not slow down your digestion or make you sleepy. It can be used as needed throughout the day. It targets overactive adrenals which are responsible for the fight or flight  response to stress. 

Along with this tincture, here are some additional strategies to manage stress at home


Breathing in through your nose is the most efficient way to get oxygen to your brain and vital organs. If you are congested and breathe mostly through your mouth, clear your sinuses with the remedies you find most useful. Improving oxygenation will help you think more clearly 


Exercise regulates breathing and eliminates toxins.  Be sure to drink plenty of water when you exercise!

Drink Tea

When tea is sipped it enters the body slowly and  hydrates better than any other fluid you may intake. If you choose the right tea it can also calms you down. Combine herbs as they smell and taste good to you and add a bit of good honey for it’s digestive benefits. 

Here are some recommendations:

  • chamomile relaxes the skeletal and intestinal muscles 

  • lavender is relaxing and sleep inducing

  • anis is good for tight intestines and gas

  • lemon balm/melissa/yerba Buena/ mints are helpful upon signs of infection in the digestive system, lungs and sinuses

  • ginger and peppermint combo initiates digestion in the mid-belly, reversing the tightening effect of stress on the small intestine

  • wild lettuce calms anxiety

Clear Toxic Thoughts

Meditation can look different to each individual. While sitting quietly and breathing deeply may work for some, meditation can include any activity that allows you to empty your mind. Repetitive activities one can do without having to think about them usually work well for this. These may include repetitive prayer, knitting, beadwork, gardening, cleaning, etc. Yoga is a form of physical meditation.



A hot bath with a handful each of sea salt and baking soda cleans out lactic acid and other toxins and loosens muscles and joints.   Heat water to your preference and soak for 10-15 minutes. 

If a full bath is not possible, soaking only your feet  is extremely beneficial. We purge toxins through the soles of our feet and the soda / sea salt water pulls them out.


Stretching is a good way to relax your body.  We've linked a tutorial for Sun Salutations here. a Sun Salutation is a basic yoga sequence that stretches the entire body. If your mobility is limited, you can focus on the pieces that work for your body until you've had a little more practice.

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