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Make Your Own 
Electrolyte Drink

Make your own electrolyte drink! It’s easy, effective, and inexpensive. When you know exactly what's in your drink, you can avoid artificial sweeteners, unwanted chemicals and dyes, and adjust it to your personal taste and health needs.

Exercise, travel, illness, chronic health issues, extreme heat, and working long hours can lead to electrolyte imbalances. Commercial products help, but can be high in artificial chemicals, unbalanced for your needs, and produce tremendous amounts of plastic pollution.

Glass Container


Use a glass container, about 16-20 oz

When you use plastic or metal with herbs, the herbs can dissolve the container, interfering with electrolyte balance.



Use 25-50 drops of a high quality tincture, ¼-½ tsp of powder, or a teaspoon of syrup.

Elderberry is an excellent source of easily absorbable Vitamin C, iron, potassium, other trace minerals and electrolytes. 


Use whatever juice you like. A more concentrated juice will give you more flavor.

Sea Salt

Just a Pinch! Sea salt has trace minerals from seawater that are not present in salt mines.

Natural Sweetener

If you are using a tart juice, add a small amount of natural sweetener to taste. 

It is crucial to avoid artificial sweeteners because they trick the brain into believing there is sugar in the system, disrupting the digestive system’s communications around management of sugars.

Examples include:

  • Honey

  • Maple syrup

  • Agave

  • Cane Sugar


Fill the rest of your container with water.


Natural spring or carbon + ion exchange filtered water is best.

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