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Our Story

With three years of pre-medical studies and EMT training, Emily Lucero graduated from Brown University, earning a degree in Community Health. After obtaining a Social Work license in New Mexico, she decided to pursue a career in natural healing with a focus on massage therapy and herbology.  She has practiced as a massage therapist and an herbalist since 1986.  Over the course of her massage practice, she developed a line of products made locally from all-natural botanical ingredients. These products are for persons interested in being active and building strong and healthy bodies. Unlike medications, these products don't have unpleasant or damaging side effects, nor do they negatively impact our planet's ecosystem. 

Meet the Team

Emily Lucero

Product Development


In her work as a massage therapist and an herbalist, Emily has spent over 30 years developing our products based on the needs of her clients. To learn more about Emily's training and education click here.

Sol Sánchez y Lucero
Media & Content Director


With a background in music composition, Sol has spent the last year fine tuning and editing our content to make it accessible to a wider audience

Jim Sánchez
Production and Shipping


After working for over 40 years as a finish carpenter and 25 years as a massage therapist, Jim has translated his skills to carefully craft our products.

Gabriella Ottersberg Enríquez
Translations, Marketing, & Sales


As a native Spanish speaker with a background in performance art, Gabriella has used her skills to sell products and connect us to our Spanish-speaking community.

"Take care of your body ~it's the only place you have to live"

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