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A synergistic combination traditionally used to clear debris from the kidneys while reducing inflammation and pain, and promoting optimal kidney function. 


Ingredients: alcohol, gravel root, horsetail plant, juniper berry, oat straw.

Kidney Cleanse

  • Question:  Does the Kidney Cleanse cause pain?

    If your kidneys are normal and you are simply clearing out debris/deposits in the kidneys, our Kidney Cleanse will not cause pain. In fact, the cleanse can actually ease back pain, as it often releases the impingement on the sciatic nerve. The key is to drink the cleanse slowly throughout the course of the day with lots of water and avoid food and drinks which challenge the kidneys:  large quantities of protein at one meal, sodas, alcohol, caffeinated beverages (or anything dehydrating),  painkillers which clear through the kidneys (ibuprofen, naproxen), artificial sweeteners (aspartame etc.), and foods containing MSG or other color and flavor enhancing additives in foods. 

    If you start having upper/mid back pain after you’ve started the cleanse, you could be moving old debris and/or a stone. Sometimes starting a cleanse will dislodge a bit of debris and cause pain. If that’s the case, rub some castor oil and arnica on your kidney area and/or anywhere along the urinary tract where you are feeling pain. Then put a hot pack over the area for 15 minutes and see if it relieves the pain.  If pain doesn't resolve, add a bit more arnica and castor oil and then put an ice pack on the area for another 15-30 minutes.  That will resolve the pain unless you have very large stones. Even if you do have big stones, continuing with the herbal cleanse and using arnica and castor oil packs and alternating cold and heat therapy will break them down, relieve the pain and prevent a crisis with a stone moving. You will notice cloudy urine when mineral debris is coming out through your urination; this is normal and should not be painful.  Over the course of the 3 week cleanse, any couldiness in the urine will resolve.

    If you are doing all of the above and still have sharp pain in the kidneys or urinary tract, there is either infection or stones moving, and you need to use very guided herbal therapy from a trained herbalist or go to the Urgent Care for medical treatment.

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