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These products are designed to be used by a healthy person over a period of approximately one month for any injury. They work best together to nourish bones, soft tissue and joints both internally and topically, providing optimal nutrition to repair as well as providing pain relief in the process of healing.

Injury Kit

  • Active/Daytime Tissue Repair & Pain Salve

    Ingredients: canola oil, arnica plant, black walnut hull, cayenne fruit (90hu), comfrey leaf, goldenseal root, gravel root, lobelia plant, marshmallow root, mullein plant, myrrh gum, skullcap plant, white oak bark, wormwood plant, beeswax, castor oil, coconut oil, orange essential oil


    Resting/Nighttime Tissue Repair & Pain Salve

    Ingredients: canola oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, arnica, calendula, cayenne fruit (90hu), cilantro, comfrey root, garden sage, goldenseal root, lobelia plant, mullein, myrrh gum, wild cherry bark


    Ralph's Pain Combination Tincture

    Ingredients: alcohol, wild cherry bark, feverfew plant, red raspberry leaf, white willow bark, lobelia plant


    Arnica Tincture

    Ingredients: alcohol, arnica plant


    Nature's Way Bone Flesh & Cartilage Formula

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