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Stay bright and resilient with our “Health and Happiness” bundle! Soothe dry skin with our Lavender/Chamomile Salve and cozy up with a cup of Rose & Lemon Balm Tea! Add some Elderberry Plus Tincture to boost your immune system


  • Elderberry Plus Tincture - An herbal combination traditionally used to support the immune system to fight infection

  • Lavender/Chamomile Salve - Traditional emollient salve used to comfort dry, cracked skin caused by overexposure to the elements and irritants in detergents and cleaning products. Calms irritations and creates a protective barrier on vulnerable skin.

  • Rose and Lemon Balm Tea - Rose is an uplifting, joyful tea high in Vitamin C.  Lemon Balm is calming to the digestive system with antiviral and antioxidant benefits—the perfect combination for supporting the immune system and nurturing the heart.

Health & Happiness Bundle

  • Lavender Chamomile Salve

    Ingredients: canola oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil, chamomile plant, chamomile essential oil


    Elderberry Plus Tincture

    Ingredients: cedar berries, elderberries, red raspberry leaf, burdock root, nettle root


    Rose & Lemon Balm Tea

    Ingredients: rose petals, lemon balm.



  • ELDERBERRY PLUS tincture
    Take 25-50 drops 2-4x/day. Best if taken as a hot tea with raw honey - Pour boiling water over tincture and add honey to taste.

    Apply as needed to soothe dry, cracked, and raw skin.

    Pour hot water over bag contents. Steep 2-4 minutes. strain and enjoy! Add Elderberry Plus Tincture and honey to tea for added immune support.

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